A short introduction about the artist . . .

Hi there!

My name is Nicklas and this site is dedicated to a dear hobby of mine, namely art and my very own creations to be more precise. I hope you find your stay rewarding.
Artwork commissions are accepted so feel free to drop me a line if you urge to have your characters down on paper.

What would you like to know about the artist? I'm self thaught and have been drawing for as long I can remember wich takes us back to when I was 4-years old. To be honest my work didn't look like this at that point but as time passed I improved and I guess
I'm fairly good at waving a pencil these days.
But maybe I should let you be the judge of
that. Take a tour and let me know what you

I've been drawing fantasy for an eternity, or so it
seems, but I draw in other areas as well wich
some of you might already have discovered. Any
questions or thoughts... don't hesitate to ask.